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Editor-in-Chief of the IJAREAS Journal


  • Q1. How can I find a journal for my manuscript?
  • Q2. How do I submit my article?
  • Q3. Can I submit my manuscript if it contains part of my PhD or academic thesis?
  • Q4. Can I include my ORCID iD when submitting a manuscript?
  • Q5. How much does it cost to publish in a Springer journal?
  • Q6. Can I publish my manuscript open access?
  • Q7. Where can I find instructions for a specific journal?
  • Q8. Does IJAREAS provide templates and style files for preparing a journal article?
  • Q9. Does IJAREAS provide English language support?
  • Q10. Where can I find artwork instructions?
  • Q11. Can I submit multimedia files to be published online along with my article?
  • Q12. What happens if my paper gets rejected? Any other options?
  • Q13. What happens after my article has been accepted?
  • Q14. Can you give me more information about copyright?
  • Q15. What exactly is the payment service and how can I benefit from it?
  • Q16. How can I find out about the status of my journal manuscript?
  • Q17. What exactly is Online First?
  • Q18. Can I still make corrections to my article after it has been published Online First?
  • Q19. How can I order offprints?
  • Q20. Can I share my electronic offprint with others?
  • Q21. How can I share my full article, e.g. on social media?
  • Q22. Is Springer NIH compliant?
  • Q23. How can I request permission to re-use material?
  • Q24. If my article was published without any keywords, what can be done?
  • Q25. What's Open Access?
  • Q26. How to submit a manuscript to IJAREAS?
  • Q27. What are the benefits of being an Editorial Board or Peer Reviewers in IJAREAS?
  • Q28. What are the requirements of an article submitted to IJAREAS?
  • Q29. How long does it take for an article from submission to publication?
  • Q30. From submission to publication, it takes nearly one month: two weeks for article reviewing and acceptance, and another one or two weeks for article publication once the fee is paid.
  • Q31. How much does IJAREAS charge for Article Processing?
  • Q32. When is the Article Processing Charges (APC) paid?
  • Q33. What is Special Issue?
  • Q34. How to propose a Special Issue?
  • Q35. What are responsibilities of Lead Guest Editor in a Special Issue?
  • Q36. How long does it take to publish a Special Issue?
  • Q37. How to find the right person to help you as soon as possible?